Available HealthPartners Insurance Plans

HealthPartners Individual Plans

HealthPartners Individual Plans

HealthPartners of Minnesota offers many healthcare plans so you can find the perfect one for you!

Three for Free Plan

Three For Free is no longer available call MrHealthInsurance 612-991-3546 for new plan options.

The HealthPartners Individual Plan offers a choice of eight deductible options, the flexibility of an open network and the dependability of a trusted organization.Health Partners MN

HealthPartners Individual Plan is ideal for:

  • Recent college graduates or dependents no longer eligible for coverage under a parent’s plan
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Workers whose companies do not offer health insurance plans
  • Early retirees looking for an alternative to COBRA

You choose the medical deductible that works best for you.

The HealthPartners Individual Plan gives you access to the large HealthPartners Open Access Network of doctors and hospitals. You do not need to select a primary care clinic and you can see any of the providers in the network without a referral.

To be eligible for the HealthPartners Individual Plan coverage, you must:

  • Not be simultaneously covered by another medical contract
  • Not be pregnant at the time your coverage with HealthPartners begins
  • Be a U.S. citizen or have an alien registration card
  • Be a Minnesota resident

Acceptance for coverage and actual premiums are based on the age, health status, location and health risk factors of each individual and dependent to be covered. That means it is possible you won’t be eligible for coverage.

Contact HealthPartners Individual Plan sales agent at 612-991-3546 for more information on HealthPartners Individual Plan coverage.

HealthPartners Group Coverage

Not everyone has medical coverage through an employer. The HealthPartners Individual plans offer two varieties of care:

  • HealthPartners Compass – No longer being offered
  • HealthPartners Individual Plan, which offers a choice of eight deductible options, the flexibility of an open network and the dependability of a trusted organization; and
  • Empower SM HealthPartners Health Savings Plan HSA Individual Plan, which features a high-deductible health plan combined with a tax-exempt Health Savings Account (HSA) to give you tax savings.
  • HealthPartners Dental Plans for Small Employers
  • HealthPartners Medicare Plans
  • HealthPartners Group Plans

Whatever your reason for choosing personal healthcare coverage or dependent family coverage, look to HealthPartners for:

  • competitive rates
  • friendly service
  • quality care
  • health improvement support
  • resources to help you make informed health care decisions

Traditional Plans

More doctors, more choices. Access to an open network of trusted, quality providers no matter where you live in the nation.

Innovative Three for Free and Three for Copay plans
Save money. Enjoy exclusive access to innovative new plans like the Three for Free and Three for a copay plans and keep your money in your pocket!

Empower HRA, HSA and FSA plans
Flexible money. Save or spend with FSA, HRA and HSA plans to gain more control over how you manage your health care dollars – tax free!

Distinctions plans with tiered benefit levels
Providers are offered at different benefit levels based on quality and cost. Choose from different benefit levels based on your needs and budget.

Primary clinic plans
Simplify. Easily coordinate all of your health care needs through your favorite doctor or primary care clinic.

HealthPartners Health Savings Plan Empower (SM) HSA Individual and Family Plan

Introducing a health care solution that gives you true financial advantages. The Empower HSA plan pairs an easy-to-use high-deductible health plan with a tax-exempts Health Savings Account (HSA).

Once referred to as a “health care IRA,” the HSA is set up as a trust account that you can use to pay for eligible medical expenses—for you, your spouse, and dependent children—with tax-free dollars.

The Empower HSA Plan has many great advantages:

  • One of the area’s largest provider networks, with no referrals needed
  • A limit on your annual out-of-pocket expenses
  • Online tools that help you track your health care spending and make the choices that are right for you
  • Ownership of the money in your HSA, so you can spend your health care dollars as you see fit
  • Tax advantages—contributions to and earnings on HSA balances are tax deductible and can be withdrawn tax-free for any eligible medical expense
  • Portability that lets you roll balances from year to year

View the Summary of Benefits HealthPartners Empower HSA Plan Summary Benefits.

You can estimate your cost using the HealthPartners Empower HSA Plan Family Rates.

Group dental plans
Our group dental plans offer a variety of options for preventive care and other services to keep your dental hygiene in top-notch condition.
HealthPartners Individual Plans

HealthPartners’ excellent value-added services make our offerings affordable options for people seeking individual coverage. You’ll find that our premium rates and plan options are very competitive.

Contact the HealthPartners Individual Plan sales agent at 612-991-3546 Toll Free 1-877-800-7340 for more information on HealthPartners Individual plans.

HealthPartners Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

HealthPartners Journey Advantage Medicare plan

HealthPartners Short Term Health Plans

HealthPartners Short Term Application
HealthPartners Short Term Brochure and Rates

A short term health plan provides instant protection at a low price. Consider short term coverage if you’re:

  • Between jobs or just out of school
  • Waiting for employer-provided group insurance to take effect
  • Waiting for approval for comprehensive health care coverage

With HealthPartners, you have two options for short term coverage: Original Short Term and Link90. There are benefits to each plan, depending on your needs.

Original Short Term

  • Coverage is available for 30-, 60- and 90-day periods.
  • You can choose from four deductible options, ranging from $300 to $2,000.
  • You can access our more than 700,000 providers and 5,800 hospitals nationwide and there are no referrals to see a specialist.


  • Completely paperless, online product — everything you need at your fingertips!
  • Coverage is available for 90 days and you can choose from $500 or $2,000 deductible options.
  • You get three free visits to virtuwell® our 24/7 online clinic. If you need in-person care, you can go to any of the HealthPartners Clinics in the Twin Cities area.
  • Plus, once enrolled, you have access to a voucher for up to 70 percent off a comprehensive dental exam!

Ready to find out your rates and apply for instant coverage?

HealthPartners Individual PlansClick “Price short-term plans” in the column at right to get started. After you select Original Short Term or Link90, enter your information, and you’ll get a list of personalized monthly premium options based on the current rates. From there, it’s easy to finish the application and pay online!

As soon as your application is approved and you provide payment for your premium (first month’s premium for Original, and 90 day premium for Link90), you’re covered. You could have coverage in as little as one day.

Please note that applicants under the age of 19 need to fill out a paper application: Original Short Term Medical Coverage Application. (Link90 policyholders must be between the ages of 19 and 64.)

Need more details?

Download plan information here:

Original Short Term


Monthly premiums

Starting at $34 Starting at $32

Deductible options
(80 percent plans)

Per Person — Single or Family coverage:
Per Person — Single coverage only:

Deductible options
(100 percent plans)

Per Person — Single or Family coverage:
Per Person — Single coverage only:

Preventive care

You Pay 100 percent (Not covered) You Pay 100 percent (Not covered)


You Pay 20 percent or nothing after deductible is met You pay nothing for the first three visits!

Office visits

You pay 20 percent or nothing after deductible is met  You pay 20 percent or nothing after deductible is met

Emergency care


Prescription drugs

You pay 20 percent or nothing after your deductible is met.
Covered drugs on the PreferredRx Formulary
 You pay 20 percent or nothing after deductible is met.


More than 700,000 providers and 5,800 hospitals nationwide  Any HealthPartners Medical Clinic in the Twin Cities area
What is Virtuwell?

Link90 offers three free visits to virtuwell each year. virtuwell is a simple, convenient tool that allows you to solve 30 everyday medical conditions such as colds, coughs, ear pain, pink eye or urinary tract infections without leaving your home.

The service features 24/7 online access to nurse practitioners, available from any computer, with no appointment necessary. After a quick online interview, you receive a personalized diagnosis, a treatment plan and, if needed, a prescription sent to the pharmacy of your choice. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

HealthPartners Compass Plans – 2017 No Longer Offered. Please get quote for new individual 2017 plans.

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